Västerås och schackhelg väntar

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Ikväll ska jag packa då schackhelg i Västerås väntar. Har spelat där varje år sedan 2009 så det är några år nu.
En riktigt trevlig turnering och vi blir dessutom ett " tjejgäng som ska gå ut och äta på lördagkvällen.
Tyvärr har jag inte kunnat träna så mycket som jag velat då jobbet varit intensivt men vad ska man göra. Har i alla fall spelat några partier på nätet och spelglädje och inspiration kommer jag att ha.

Rapport från OS av lagkaptenen till våra framgångsrika damer

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Här kommer en utförlig beskrivning och intressant refererat från GM Juan Bellon som var svenska damlagets kapten.

For my friends who do not speak Spanish: FINAL SUMMARY OF THE  OLYMPIADE IN BAKU

Now back home after the Olympiade that left me many satisfactions. Collectively we have recovered the prestige we lost in the European Championship in Reyjkavik by a bad decision from the Swedish federation to go without a coach .. and of course without Pia. We've also got one of the best results of Sweden in the Olympiade along with Calvia in 2004.

We started in position 43 and finsihed 23rd, also in my style without ties, with 7 wins and 4 losses, getting to play against 8 stronger teams in ranking and 3 lower than us,  winning against the latter and against 4 of the stronger teams.

I think more can not be asked  and especially because we were missing the second best Swedish player Ellinor Frisk, who made bronce medal on 3rd board in Tromsö.

Emotionally it has also been for me a very special Olympiade because it was the debut of my daughter Anna  who has also more than fulfilled the expectations I had on her. I  remember what she told me in Tromsö " papa in the next Olympade  I 'll play in the team " became true.  Now during the closing ceremony the last day when Pia collected her bronze medal Anna told me “ dad in the next Olympiade I will be there”.

It's not easy but if she follows this progression and ambition anything is possible , why not ?. On individual level I will summarize the performance of my vikings.

1) Pia Cramling. As always making a great Olympiade with 8.5 points from 11 on first board, giving her another bronze medal in a row , and already having the gold, silver and bronze medals from different Olympics If we add that she has played the last three consecutive Olympiades without losing any games and has been unbeaten for 35 games (in the Olympiades)  I think this setting a record difficult to beat. She got 2 bad games against Atalik and Arakhamia but with her usual fighting spirit Pia was able to defend the indefensible. She had no problems in the other 9 games. Sweden can not carry a team to any serious competition without her and it is strange if they do not understand that. .



2) Inna Agrest. In the absence of the second best player Ellinor  Frisk as I wrote before I was pleasantly surprised by Inna because she has really played well with a very important result for the team  6.5 points out of 11, playing every game like Pia. She played very aggressive but unlike in Tromso with good control in her games. If she continues in this way  I think she can go up a lot of rating points. She has the strenght but we have to see if  she also has motivation.

3) Jessica Bengtsson. She was the one who scored less with 2.5 of 8 points but I am particularly happy with her, She is a very good teamplayer  because she never creates any problem and gets along well with everyone and that is important for the teamspirit.  She plays and can  play a lot better than she  did in Baku , the problem is that she is playing some openings that do not go with her style, perhaps not well prepared theoretically, but she has talent and understands  chess very well, therefore I think that her problem is easy to overcome. I already said that the Swedish Federation should have  organized some concentrations before the Olympiade like we had before Tromsö. You can not during the Olympiade change certain things .

4) Angelina Fransson. For me the big surprice. It is the first time she play in my team and therefore I did not really know her strenght but she played a very quality chess and her points 5 out of 7 has been very important for our final classification. She won two very important games in our matches against Spain and Czech Republic the last day, which gave us two very important team victories. She had the handicap of not being able to play more because she suffered stomach pains for several days but I am super happy with her performance Also important that she plays fast and does not get into time troubles.

5) Anna Cramling. It is difficult to assess objectively my own daughter but I will try to do it. It was her debut in the Olympide and for us who are into this we know that it is very difficult the first time. It seems that everyone is watching you but in her case it was true.  Perhaps because she is the  daughter of Pia people were curious to see her play  and how she is. You could note it with journalists who loved to take pictures with her and players too. Whether you want it or not it creates an added stress to the logical nerves of a debut.      In any case I got a huge satisfaction to see that she did not disappoint  the hopes placed in her but played with a maturity rarely seen in such a young girl. She took 3 out of 7 points, also playing 5 black and 2 white games and was faced with 2 players with less ranking and 5 not only with more ranking but 4 of them even had 300 elo points more than her. She had some winning positions that ended up in draws and lost one game that was a draw because of her timetroubles. But that is something she will overcome with time. More important is that she is deep in her analyzes during the games and has no fear to face opponents who are stronger than her or always play black. That is very good for a team. She was after Angelina the player who gained more ranking and I give her a high grade in her debut coming from someone as demanding as I it has double value.

  My team made ​​an overall rise of 76 points distributed like this (in Elo) : 1) Pia  +13,2     2) Inna + 13    3) Jessica -19     4) Angelina + 52,6     5) Anna + 17,6  Congratulations!! Not everything is as nice as it looks and being objective I like to say things that are done well and also what is not done so well. I have no choice but to criticize the attitude of the head of the Swedish delegation Stellan Brynell. Despite of our great performance and delivery of individual medal to Pia Cramling, something that should be a pride for the Swedish chess,  he did not have the dignity to attend the closing ceremony probably depressed by the bad result of the men's team that he was the captain of. As a delegate and head of the Swedish representation in Baku that was not good at all.

Sweden need to get better results a person who loves women's chess and can take care of it and is looking for the best conditions for the women, so there are concentrations organized with the players and someone who follows the young talents. If that is not done what happens is what we see now and have seen before that our best talents leave chess and there are many cases like that in Sweden. I always say what I think, like it or not. Here it is my message



Simultan i Tyresö centrum

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I skuggan av SchackOS hade jag ett eget litet schackäventyr idag. Nämligen att vara simultangivare i Tyresö Centrum.Blev tillfrågad i somras om jag ville göra detta och jag tackade ja. Har bara gett en simultan tidigare en gång i mitt liv och det var år 2007 i en skola i Arizona. Det var min syster som bor där och är lärare som ordnade detta och jag minns att jag kände mig lite nervös. Man vet aldrig hur bra personerna är bakom brädet och svårt att samma översikt som när man spelar mot bara en enda person.
Nåväl, jag tänkte imorse att all marknadsföring är bra när det gäller schack och jag ställer gärna upp på sådant.Det är en bra sak att ordna saker i köpcentrum. Människor går förbi och är lite nyfikna.  Initiativtagare till simultanen var Tyresö Schackklubb som på detta sätt vill locka fler spelare till sin klubb.
Blev mycket blandad kompott av människor som spelade med. En pappa spelade men hans små barn frågade ideligen när partiet var slut. Tror det stressade både honom och mig men förstår att det blev långtråkigt för barnen.
Slutresultatet blev att jag förlorade två partier. Det ena mot en som jag märkte direkt att han var rutinerad. Han hade dock inte spelat på flera år men förhoppningsvis blir han intresserad nu. Fanns också en viktig morot att vinna mot mig- förutom äran förstås -  nämligen ett halvårs gratis medlemskap i klubben. :-) Han spelade väldigt snyggt och fick in ett våldsamt offerangrepp. Inte precis det man vill ha i en simultanuppvisning och känna att man inte hinner räkna på allt men kan bara ge en eloge till denna spelare.
Den andra spelare som vann fuskade tråkigt nog. Kändes som han blev besviken när han offrade en bonde som jag tog med min löpare och efter en damschack som samtidigt hotade löparen kunde jag lätt ordna detta med ett springardrag vilket han förbisett. När jag kom tillbaka nästa gång hade en bonde hoppat till en ruta där den aldrig stått vilket gjorde att han kunde slå min springare och samtidigt vinna en pjäs. Jag sade till men han envisades och jag avstod från att bråka. Kändes inte så meningsfullt i detta fall. Han fick en vacker löparmatt och blev glad!
Sedan två intressanta remipartier som båda slutade remi genom dragupprepning så visst var det hård kamp och jag vann nio partier.
Ganska krävande och intressant erfarenhet samt att jag har träffat många trevliga människor idag. Arrangörsklubbens Svante Wedin var omtänksamt nog lite bekymrad att jag inte fick någon lunch och fick spela i ett sträck tre och en halv timme. Sådant är ju dock vardagsmat för oss schackspelare. Vi är vana vid värre!  Det man kan tänka på naturligtvis är att det är bra att ta en liten paus och jag var ganska trött efteråt.
Fint arrangemang av Tyresö Schackklubb och jag fick höra att det fanns planer på en turnering i centrum. Ingen dum idé alls och stort lycka till med detta och andra schackaktiviteter!
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